The future of floating staircases

Experience the allure of a cantilever staircase with our new model, all at a fraction of the price.

The Faux Cantilever is where luxury meets affordability. Strategically designed, our model recreates the floating effect of cantilever staircases without the structural wall requirements or high costs. Its innovative support system makes installation a breeze, minimising home disruptions. Crafted with streamlined treads to let more light flow through your home, the Faux Cantilever balances style with savings—the perfect choice for a modern home makeover.

✓ Affordable luxury, offering the cantilever look at a lower cost.
✓ Hassle-free installation without the need for structural wall changes.
✓ Streamlined treads for maximum light flow
✓ Customisable features including choice of balustrade and tread material.
✓ Ideal solution for a staircase renovation project.

How it works

Your home transformation journey should be an exciting venture, not a stressful one. Our goal? A smooth staircase renovation from start to finish. Here’s how we make that happen:

Standardised quoting

No more guesswork. We’ve simplified our quote process to give you clarity and confidence from the outset. Enter your details in our staircase cost calculator.

Quicker lead times

From the moment you decide on the details for your new staircase, you won’t be left waiting. Our lead time is swift, typically ranging between 4-6 weeks.

Installation flexibility

Our expert team can handle the installation for you, but if you have a trusted local installer or want to handle it yourself, purchase a floating staircase kit without our installation services.

Wood Finishes
Balustrade Materials