Infuse your home with warmth, character and elegance

A beautiful home starts from the ground up. Our British-made engineered wood flooring doesn’t just exude style; it brings balance and continuity to your entire living space.

Why settle for mix-and-match when you can have harmony and cohesion? We’ve teamed up with a top supplier to ensure that your stair treads and flooring aren’t just compatible—they’re a perfect match. Elevate your home with the beauty of British-crafted wood, all from one expert source.

✓ Manufactured in the UK, ensuring unmatched quality and durability.
✓ Aligns seamlessly with your treads for a cohesive, stylish look from room to room.
✓ Saves you money down the road by avoiding mismatch headaches and extra labour costs.
✓ Crafted from a diverse range of sought-after wood species in various styles.
✓ Engineered for excellence, balancing beauty, quality and longevity.
✓ Easy to clean and stand up to the demands of busy homes.
✓ Sustainable choice that’s better for your home and the planet.

Wood Finishes


Extra-long Plank


European Oak
American Black Walnut
Pippy English Oak
Douglas Fir

European Oak Grades

Rustic A+
Character (Rustic A/B)

Continuous Versailles Solid 9mm Solid overlay

12 mm (9 + 3 mm)
16 mm(12 + 4 mm)
21 mm (15 + 16 mm)

Elm Other exotics

80 mm
100 mm
140 mm
180 mm
220 mm
260 mm
300 mm


Standard: Minimum 80% 1.8-2.45 m
Balance can be shorter
Extra-long: up to 4.5 m long